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TuneUpYourBlog Create StaticPages in Blogger


Blogger In Draft just realesed one more Fantastic and Great New Top User-Requested Feature to Improve, TuneUp Your Blogger Blog, and Give it a Better Fashion Style! Blogger now makes it easy to create Static-Pages linked directly from your blog. 

This amazing and fantastic new feature allows you to easily publish static information on static pages. For example, you can create an , About Me page, or an About This Blog page to discuss the evolution of your blog, or a Contact Me page to provides directions, phone number, Fax number, and a map to guive your location.

Adding Static Pages To Your Blog.

First off if you're using a custom template you may have to add some extra code i will show you how at the bottom of the post

Step 1. Log Into Blogger Via Blogger In Draft : Click Her

You are now in Blogger in draft and it looks the same except it's a bit more blue :

Step 2. In Your Dashboard Click 'New Post' ► 'Edit Pages' ► 'New Page' as shown below :
You create a page similar to how you write a blog post. From Blogger click the Posting | Edit Pages tab, then click New Page. (Note: you can create up to 10 pages.)

Step 3. Once you click New Page you are brought to an editor the same as your post editor.You add the new page in the very same way as you would write a post, If you were using the old Blogger post editor (I still do, old habits die hard) you will notice a difference as the new editor is default in Blogger in draft.Don't worry it works pretty much the same.

For this example i am going to add a contact me page, Take a look at the image below for the following points :
The red arrow shows the HTML mode. Here is where you have to click if you want to add some code.

In compose mode with the green arrow i added some text and color.
I have the title circled, i used 'Contact me'..very clever.
And circled at the bottom you can see I'm ready to publish my page.
(Once again for people used to the old editor you will notice the preview in the new editor is a pop up) :

Step 4. I have now clicked publish page and i have 3 options as to how and were the page will be displayed.As i said earlier the pages are displayed as a menu but you can do any of the following as shown below :

Display Pages in a menu across the top of your blog.

Display Pages as a menu in the sidebar of your blog.

Publish the page and add the link to a menu you already have

If you choose the third option then the link to your new page will be like this :

Once you chose how you want the pages to be displayed click 'Save and Publish' and the page has been added.You will notice Blogger have cleverly also added a 'Home Page' link to the menu.

If you want more pages, just repeat the steps and add it to your menu with a limit of 10 pages.

You can also edit how the pages are displayed :

In your 'Layout' Click 'Edit' for your pages and you have the option to choose the order in which the pages are displayed or choose to stop displaying a page without deleting it.
At the bottom you will see a tip, this basically tells you if you have your Page as a horizontal menu at the top of the page and move it to the sidebar it will automatically change to a vertical menu to fit the sidebar :

This is a nice new feature and you should take advantage of it.

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